Men's Collective
Founded by spiritual teacher and visionary Peter Bampton in 2009, the growing circle of the Awakened Life Men's Collective has evolved into a groundbreaking experiment that has radically transformed the lives of many men from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and nationalities.

In a time in which there are few clear, inspiring role models and developmental signposts for men and in which there is a general awareness of the oppression that women have and do endure in a patriarchal context, it is a lesser known truth that men are also suffering under the weight of psychological and cultural patterning, largely shaped by patriarchal values. Usually cut off and self-contracted in their confusion because of the taboo against showing their vulnerability, men rarely discover relationships of real profundity with other men and women do not hear what men do not say.

Clearly if we are to truly Awaken and come together in deep Brotherhood in the 21st century we cannot return to the mythic dogmatisms and patriarchal rigidities of traditional masculine culture and we also want to transcend the materialistic bias of the modern male rational mind. However, we also have to unravel the distorting and depolarising impacts of a postmodern culture in which most spiritually inspired, progressive men usually tend to morph into "sensitive new age guys", insidiously denying and suppressing the grit, spunk and pure passion of a healthily embodied masculine.
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Masculinity is not "toxic", as "woke" postmodern messaging would have us all believe. Indeed, we feel that the discovery and actualisation of what some have called "the Sacred Masculine" is absolutely essential as we confront the next stage in the evolutionary unfolding of our human story in this tipping point time of converging crises and multidimensional systemic reconfiguration.

We need to reclaim and thoroughly inhabit the strong warrior spine of our innate strength and courage while also allowing our hearts to be blown open by a ragged willingness to feel and to love so deeply that we will not only be enriched with greater sensitivity and compassion, but also empowered to risk everything by transcending our personal identity and the apparent limitations of conditional existence. Then we may begin to embody an enlightened individual and collective manhood such that we shine like shooting stars illuminating and forging new pathways, not only for mankind, but for humankind as a whole.

We have been inspired to create the documentary A New Men's Liberation and to launch a Men's Collective website because our hearts are overflowing and we feel we have so much to share about our individual and collective transformational process that reaches far beyond self-improvement, therapy and peak experiences.

So we welcome you to our website and invite you to take some time to feel our commitment, discipline and courage, our raw vulnerability, our wild laughter, our ecstatic love, and the sacredness of our spiritual brotherhood. It is our hope that through this initiative we will touch and connect with other men who may be inspired to come together co-creatively to forge pathways into a New Men's Liberation anchored in the Prior Unity of all in All.
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