About Pete
Through four decades of deep meditation, penetrating inquiry and innovative, trailblazing spiritual community, I have been burning up in The Fire of the Heart for as long as I can remember.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that our true purpose in life is not to fulfil the agenda of our separate egos. Rather we are here to transcend our personal identity, and the apparent limitations of conditional existence, so that we may shine like shooting stars illuminating the Great Way in these Tipping Point Times

It is my hope that my offerings and initiatives will serve to catalyse and deepen this endless Awakening to the Spiritual Heart that Is our True Home. May we all unleash the Sacred Fire of Pure Passion, so that more and more of us are inspired to come together co-creatively to forge new pathways in a contemporary REvolution of Love anchored in the Prior Unity of all in All.

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