3 Day Meditation Retreat
Awaken to the Spiritual Heart
7-10 June 2024 | with Pete Bampton

This 3-day retreat is a rare opportunity to put aside the routine of your everyday life and all stimulating distractions and give yourself completely to spiritual practice in a supportive collective context.

Through silence, deep meditation and non-dual contemplations, Pete will guide you into a progressive process of relaxation, release and coming home to the discovery of the inherent limitlessness, freedom and love-bliss of your/our True Nature - the Always Already Awakened Spiritual Heart that transcends and includes all-in-All.

Experiencing awakened consciousness and sharing that discovery with others is the most fulfilling and liberating experience we can have. When we discover direct access to our inherent freedom we find ourselves in communion with Life, fearlessly open to the future with a renewed capacity to respond with clarity, creativity and spontaneity.

The radically simple yet profound approach to meditation that Pete shares is a direct doorway to this miracle of natural awakening. The instructions are so simple that anyone can begin without any previous experience. At the same time, the subtlety that is revealed about the nature of mind and non-duality offers infinite depth to even the most experienced meditator.

The retreat will be held in silence except for teaching periods and question and answer sessions. No previous meditation experience is necessary and people from all faiths and spiritual orientations can benefit.

There will be morning sessions of breathwork and qi gong to facilitate the process of relaxation and release.

7 - 10 June 2024
Location: Quinta da Mizarela, Benfeita, Arganil, Portugal
Price: 375€ Early Bird before March 20th: 325€

To reserve please contact: info@thefireoftheheart.com

Guided by
Pete Bampton
Pete is the author of "The Fire of the Heart - True Meditation as a Direct Doorway to Spiritual Awakening", was the co-founder of the Awakened Life Project in Portugal and is the leader of the Men's Collective. He has practiced meditation for over 4 decades and has been teaching Meditation Retreats since 2009.
Where is it
Quinta da Mizarela is set in secluded and beautiful valley in the Serra d`Açor mountains of Central Portugal. It's about 3.5 hours from Lisbon and 2.5 hours from Porto. Buses stop at nearby Catraia do Mouronho.
On this retreat
you will experience:

4 Days of Silence, Guided Meditation and Q&A sessions on Awakening to the Spiritual Heart

Daily Qi Gong & Breathwork Sessions

Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Meditative walks in beautiful spring landscape

You will discover:

- Ease of being in your lived experience
- Far less contraction and resistance to life
- Far less or no judgement of yourself and others
- Much more compassion for yourself, your loved ones and everyone else
- Less or no need to control yourself or life
- Far less fear, worry and concern
- More love and harmony in your life and relationships
- The end of seeking in the world or in spirituality for peace and relief
- The end of the need for meaning and just simply living this life, as it is
- Less or no arguing with yourself or the world
- The peace that passes understanding
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