The Fire of the Heart is a penetrating and profound journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now. Anchored in a simple yet illuminating approach to True Meditation, the Awakening Process that Peter describes is direct, contemporary, and includes the totality of manifest existence in its integral embrace. His writing is fluid and accessible for beginners with no previous experience of meditation or the spiritual path, and also reveals a subtlety about the nature of mind and non-duality that offers infinite depth for even the most experienced aspirants.
The Fire of the Heart

"The Fire of the Heart is a longing that burns. Unlike any other desire it is a longing that is not focused on or satisfied by material objects, relationships and activities that the world has to offer. There is something mysterious about it, something indefinable, something infinitely captivating and magnetic."

Wide Open Wonder

"As soon as we open to these big questions without needing to grasp for an answer, innocent curiosity begins to shine forth. Wide Open Wonder begins to crack asunder the hard shell of our unexamined assumptions and beliefs, and even the very perceptual frameworks with which we create a world for ourselves to live in."

Meditation Is Not What You Think

"Who is it that is thinking, thinking, thinking? What is thought and what is mind really? Is it not true that the only thought that we are actually aware of is the thought that is appearing right now?…If we can only have one thought at a time, what exactly is "mind" and where is it located?"

  • Peter Ragnar, Author
    Amazing insights that are bound to stir the Fire in your Heart. As you turn each page, Peter guides you into the bliss of letting go. Yes, all those cherished concepts and dogmas any of us have found so ensnaring. This is just such a lovely writing, where you may find the words vanish as understanding dances like flames upon your Heart.
  • Luis Ferreira, Portugal
    What has attracted me to this book was the clarity and distinctness of the message conveyed by Peter Bampton. A simple, direct message, without dogma, and without the esotericism of the "New Age" culture, a real breath of fresh air.

    Peter takes us to the foundation of what true spirituality is, at the same time without taking our feet off the ground and leading us to take responsibility for the exercise of our personal and collective power. We are essentially challenged to ask the truly important questions: "Who Am I?", "What makes me Suffer?", "What is it to be Happy?", "Am I Free?"…

    It is also a proposal for personal and collective freedom, of contextualization in the face of our accumulated cultural burden, and openness to a new paradigm of evolutionary consciousness. A proposal that can break down the barriers that separate us from our essence, from others, and from the "reality" we experience.

    With this book I found above all an additional opportunity to discover myself, to free myself from the ego contraction, to awake, and fully realize my spirituality. I can only give myself, when I know who I AM…

  • Sasha Epeshina, Russia
    If you ever wonder about the mystery of our existence, the complexity of the world and the potential of human consciousness, this book is a must-read! It's one of the most profound, fun, thought-provoking and liberating texts I've ever come across. Amazingly, it's so easy to read even if you're not a native English speaker, like me. I believe that every single person should read this inspiring book at least once, don't miss your chance!
  • Larry Michaels, UK
    I am finding this is a simple yet profound book about understanding what it means to live a spiritual life and in a state of real freedom. It is obvious Peter has a lot of experience to draw from, and he writes in a way that is clear, focussed and easy to understand even though I find I am re-reading the chapters as there is so much to take in. This is truly life changing if you are willing to be open to what is being suggested and put the effort into applying it to your life. I am hooked!
  • Esteban Ferrero Botero, Colombia
    This book is a definitively must-read. If you are serious about spiritual life and want to truly live a life of Wonder, Love and Freedom, this book and teachings will help you tremendously; they will push you to the edge, to be in the unknown, and to find freedom in not knowing, in being nobody. As a Yoga and meditation teacher in Colombia, this book has been pure gold. I use this book as a handbook and guide for our practices and to help people wake up and evolve.
  • Marco Nilo, Italy
    This book is a journey into a true spiritual awakening. Every time I read a chapter my understanding of what freedom is deepens. If you ever wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life, what makes you really suffering, why you feel unhappiness. If you feel unsatisfied with the so called "reality" in which society lives and you have an intuition that there might be more in life that what has been shown to you, this book is definitely a must read.
  • Sandra Ramos, Portugal
    The Fire of the Heart accompanied me during a solitary retreat this summer and it was a real blessing. During those three weeks of diving deep into myself, into who I really Am, and how I actually live/feel/act, Peter Bampton's words of wisdom rang true and absolutely accurate, as if I was consciously choosing to read each chapter at a very specific time. Book synchronicity, as Pete calls it, is real and it happens when the book speaks the Truth directly. I am deeply grateful and can only recommend the book to whoever is seriously engaged in their Spiritual life.
  • Bernard Erken, Belgium
    "The fire of the heart" is not another spiritual book that will sooth your pain and help you feeling better while living a mediocre life. It's different from the non-dualist / neo-advaitian literature out there in that it is a radical immersion into what it really means to surrender to God/Consciousness/Spirit in today's world with no spiritual bypass. Chapter by chapter Peter Bampton humbly distillates his deeply embedded understanding ,gained through years of experience "on the path", of what it is to be an "awakened" human being with clarity, sharpness and no complacencies whatsoever. The book reflects what an authentic spiritual path is about in that it is a dive deep with lightness of being, razor sharp insights and discrimination as well as an invitation to surrender with humor !! It is accessible but not shallow. It is a call to leave behind all your ideas about what it is to live an authentic and awakened life, alert and awake in and as the Mystery. Highly recommended to any spiritual aspirant tired of seeking and who wants to make it real!
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