What is an Awakened Woman?
So what is an Awakened Woman?
Who is she, how does she live, why is she here?

Lines from Women's Creative Mission Statement help to answer these questions:

"Love is our ground"

An awakened woman surrenders to a force within herself that is Love. It is from this Love that she finds the courage and strength to see the whole picture and her role in it. It is also from this Love that she embraces the Truth of Unity over the lie of separation and limitation. She must face the contraction in herself where she is holding on to the belief that she is separate or a victim. She must be willing to let go of any identity that imposes this position on herself and others.

"We are Consciousness prior to all matter and Freedom is our true nature shining in the world of form"

An awakened woman's primary identification is of Consciousness Itself, that is already free and prior to anything that has happened in time. Simultaneously she understands her purpose as an incarnated woman is to transcend all conditioning that has been accumulated in time, that is causing suffering to herself and others.

The unification of these truths changes everything as it gives all women a bigger purpose for the lives they have been given, while simultaneously giving her the understanding she needs to embrace her True Nature as herself. She recognizes she is in this life to purify the body mind she calls herself so she can manifest the bright Light of Consciousness as herself. She can now look at challenges in her life as not something to avoid but something to embrace, as not something negative but as a positive fire that burns away that which blocks her true nature from shining forth.

"Trust guides our actions and surrender is our practice"

An awakened woman will express deep ease of being, egoless passion, a deep care beyond herself, courage, fearlessness, softness and strength. These are not characteristics that she can manufacture; they will emerge only when she surrenders to that which is beyond all conditioning, when she surrenders to the Light of Consciousness Itself as herself. We as women must let go of all ideas about who we think we are and how we should be. We must leave space for something far beyond what we can imagine ourselves to be. Being an awakened woman is not an identity one can hold onto or try to manifest; it is something that one manifests in every moment when we are willing to truly BE FREE.

"As women of Awakened Life Project we give our lives to spiritual freedom and we are committed to learning what this means in every moment"

We need to understand why we do what we do and why we think what we think. We need to learn to inquire deeply into our experience, beyond the surface fluctuations of our emotional experience. We need to investigate our history and understand the evolutionary unfolding that has created the conditions that we still operate from today. We need to learn and understand that our level of consciousness has evolved over time and that so much of our female conditioning was created for specific reasons that are no longer valuable to our further unfolding today.

As One Consciousness ALL history is our history.

As we let go of our fears of true intimacy, we are finding a Love within us and between us that transcends time, personal history, cultural differences and at the same time includes all of these things. We discuss cultural structures that inhibit the free expression of ourselves and others and we reach to understand how these structures function and inhibit all participants. We have gone deeply into patriarchy and women's history and we are actively working with the Awakened Life Men's Collective to transcend divisions that are caused by misunderstanding and mis or lack of communication. We all understand that we must stand in prior unity with everyone in order to transcend the illusion of separation that causes all Beings to suffer.

"We will not hold back in the face of fear or desire"

This path is not an easy one to walk and it demands everything from any woman that chooses to walk it. As women we must be willing to stand up and to stand out. We must be willing to be leaders of a new culture. All women are conditioned and all women have the choice to be free and act free every day. Do we as women have the courage to embrace all of our feminine qualities and not use them to manipulate others so we feel secure? Do we have the courage to let go of control so we can learn to respond in any way that is needed and not just in ways that keep our feminine ego intact? Do we have the courage to drop the victimised position that we have co-created with men?

In the end do we love enough to BE LOVE itself?

As we come together as true sisters, as one Consciousness shining through the many forms, we are finding a new woman emerging that doesn't exist until she emerges. She is strong, soft, intelligent, humble, funny, serious, courageous and persistent. She emerges between us as we dare to drop our egoic defences and be together beyond the illusion of separation and limitation. When we dare to do this, we can then answer the question, do we love enough to BE LOVE itself? The answer to this question is always YES as we are drawn beyond ourselves and all limiting ideas about just about everything!
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