Poetry Book
A Collection of Awakened Poetry & Illustrations
by The Awakened Life Sangha
Welcome to Life.

I want to write the Beauty I witness,
The Beauty that moves and is moving.
A Beauty of becoming and being.
A Beauty of no attachments, no barriers,
no holding on, no fascination with whatsoever
other than Beauty itself.

from the poem "Starting a Journal" by Sara Silva

excerpt from the Foreword of the book " Seeds of Conscious Light"

" There is a life before and after being part of The Awakened Life Project (ALP), just as there is writing before and after. Before coming to the Ashram of ALP, creative writing had always been a silent but steady part of my life. As though I have always felt an intuitive genuine calling to it, it was an important part of my so-called 'identity'. Therefore it always seemed I was in a battle between, on the one hand, trying to be good and maybe make it into a profession and, on the other hand, being very scared of failing. Because of this fear I mostly kept my books closed from other eyes to read.

Coming to the ALP Ashram for a 10-day silent retreat and staying as a volunteer over the winter of 2015, made me see and drop a lot of ideas I had about myself, especially the special one that wanted to be an admired writer. I read in my journals from before and all I could read is the story of a separate 'me', figuring out and dramatizing her life. It felt so old. I tried a new kind of writing, but it was all still very much about 'trying'. No words made sense. I stopped completely trying to write anything interesting. It felt really good not to try to prove anything to anyone. Another thing that happened that felt related was that I could not read any conventional novels anymore. I was always a very eager reader, but now with every book I ope- ned, I could just read conventional stories of separate individuals suffering through life and perpetuating drama.

One year later, we had an amazing online call with our Sangha where we explored the question: If I stopped re- sisting my deepest heart's longing, what would I have to say? I remember waking up in the middle of the night, and words were just entering my consciousness, I grabbed my phone quickly to type it down. The next morning I read what had come to me, and I was astonished by the depth and uniqueness of what seemed to be a poem. I had never written anything like this and I also had ne- ver written a poem. I always had the idea of poetry as something for very special intellectual people. The most amazing thing about reading it, is that it seemed that the words had come from the deepest of my being. And in an instant I knew that there is no separate special 'I' writing anything like this. It is when 'I', with all my ideas about the writer I should be, stepped out of the way and let the truth reveal itself through the body/mind called Lotte."

Lotte Rozemarijn
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