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The Fire of the Heart
by Peter Bampton
from the Introduction of the book "The Fire of the Heart"

" The Fire of the Heart is a distillation of all that I have learned about the Awakening Process up to this point in time. And, as inspired as I am by the task of sharing what I have learned, I have to begin by saying that all my explanations will inevitably fall short, because only an infinite explanation could possibly capture the mystery of Awakening. You will not find that infinite explanation in this book but if my words succeed in igniting a spark of the Infinite within you, and if that spark finds fertile ground to take root in your Heart, then my intent in writing this book will have been more than fulfilled. If you are new to meditation and the idea of Spiritual Awakening it is my hope that this book will inspire you to set sail upon the wide sunlit seas of the Great Way. And if you are well on your Way, it is my hope that The Fire of the Heart will further enrich and deepen your journey. I decided to call this book The Fire of the Heart because when I contemplate that mysterious, captivating Presence that has always been the consistent thread guiding me further and deeper, I envisage it as a Sacred Fire of purifying Heat and liberating Light. As I am sure you will appreciate as you read, The Fire of the Heart is a perfect metaphor for the purifying alchemy of the Awakening Process that I am going to share with you."

- Peter Bampton

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