A Bold Experiment in the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture
The Awakened Life Project Archive
The Awakened Life Project dissolved as an entity in April 2023 after a profound, challenging and ecstatic 16 year adventure of endeavouring to awaken to and actually live the Truth of Prior Unity & Love. During that time hundreds of people participated in our retreats and as volunteers at Quinta da Mizarela, and the committed community network of the ALP Sangha grew to around 80 people.

This Archive is in development. Currently it consists of content from the original ALP.org website but more material and reflections will be posted over time to transmit and explore the challenges of creating community in a context oriented toward ego-transcendence in the postmodern west. I hope that our experience and learnings, both of the potentials and pitfalls, will inspire others to take the risk of coming together to transform ourselves, our relationships and our world from the inside out.
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